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Dell Gets Beat Up!



What a difference a day makes. Dell, Inc. reported disappointing earnings today. However, they did report earnings, not losses. Of course, the so-called market is taking their stock down over 9%. Dell’s intrinsic value didn’t change that much today, but price action is. Today’s video looks at Dell and two large competitors for perspective. Best when […]

Utilities for Income?



With interest rates at historic lows, investors seeking income may find certain Utility stocks of interest. Ten year T-bonds are yielding 3.4% today. Certain well known utilities are yielding close to 5% or more. Today’s video looks at how three well known Utility stocks measure up versus T-Bonds.. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. […]

Let the Sun Shine In



Investors in the truest since evaluate fundamentals. Earnings & cash flows ultimately determine long term returns. Speculators will often buy the story and ignore the facts. Solar stocks may hold promise, however very few solar companies have as of yet made any money. Today’s video looks at a few prominent solar companies based on earnings. Best […]

Small with Room to Grow!



In theory its easier for smaller companies to grow faster than larger companies. However, size alone is not the final answer. Some small companies don’t grow at all. On the other hand some small companies grow very fast. Today’s video looks at small companies that do not grow and small companies with room to grow. Best […]

Tech Truths!



Technology stocks are commonly thought of as growth stocks. However, in reality, many high profile tech stocks are very cyclical or even slow growers. Hewlett-Packard recently announced the purchase of 3Com. This will position them to compete more effectively with Cisco. Today’s video looks at the Hewlett-Packard buy of 3Com, as well as a few possibly […]

Here’s How They Got So Rich!



 I watched Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s interview last night. Here is how they got so rich: They both started, and therefore, held two great businesses. Today’s video looks at Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway correlated to earnings. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. These guys started two great businesses. However, it was the earnings power of those […]

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