All That Glitters!



Gold is at an all-time high. However, keep in mind that gold does not grow or pay dividends. Its only investment merit is appreciation based on price. Gold stocks on the other hand are businesses like any other. They can buy or mine for more reserves and some even pay dividends. However, with gold itself […]

No Place Like Home!



According to an article by futurists in the current Trend Letter magazine, home remodeling is on the upswing. David Peace Snyder writing for says: “Within five years, spending on home expansions and remodeling will surpass spending on new homes.” Today’s video looks at the fundamentals of a few major players in home remodeling based […]

Sysco – A Tasty Choice?



There is a feature article in Barron’s today on Sysco the food service giant. A goal of this blog is to identify good candidates to research for possible investment. Often stocks are recommended in the media based on momentum. Those ideas are for day traders. This blog is dedicated to the long-term investor. Today’s video looks a […]

Talking Turkey!



In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Day feast, I thought it would be fun to review some food stocks. What you see may surprise you. Today’s video looks at Hormel Food Corp, producer of hams and other Thanksgiving treats and Smithfield Foods and their Butterball Turkey brand. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Happy […]

Playboy, a Financial Fantasy?



In the online edition of Barron’s they ran a hot research piece titled “Hef may want over $10 a share for Playboy.” Since Playboy Enterprises (PLA) only trades at $4.15/per share as of yesterday’s close, I guess you can’t blame him. The rumor is that Iconix Brand Group (ICON) is interested but at a lot […]

Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter



 I published an article on Seeking Alpha over the weekend that received quite a response. The title was: Why a Stock Market Crash Doesn’t Matter. Upon further reflection, I wish I had titled it – Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter. My reasoning is simple. I see the stock market as merely the store […]

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