No Place Like Home!

According to an article by futurists in the current Trend Letter magazine, home remodeling is on the upswing. David Peace Snyder writing for says: “Within five years, spending on home expansions and remodeling will surpass spending on new homes.” Today’s video looks at the fundamentals of a few major players in home remodeling based Read more about No Place Like Home![…]

Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter

 I published an article on Seeking Alpha over the weekend that received quite a response. The title was: Why a Stock Market Crash Doesn’t Matter. Upon further reflection, I wish I had titled it – Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter. My reasoning is simple. I see the stock market as merely the store Read more about Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter[…]

Dell Gets Beat Up!

What a difference a day makes. Dell, Inc. reported disappointing earnings today. However, they did report earnings, not losses. Of course, the so-called market is taking their stock down over 9%. Dell’s intrinsic value didn’t change that much today, but price action is. Today’s video looks at Dell and two large competitors for perspective. Best when Read more about Dell Gets Beat Up![…]

Let the Sun Shine In

Investors in the truest since evaluate fundamentals. Earnings & cash flows ultimately determine long term returns. Speculators will often buy the story and ignore the facts. Solar stocks may hold promise, however very few solar companies have as of yet made any money. Today’s video looks at a few prominent solar companies based on earnings. Best Read more about Let the Sun Shine In[…]