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McGraw-Hill: A Large-Cap Recovery Story With a Dividend That Pays You to Wait?


Research Articles

Over a Century of Service The McGraw-Hill Companies (MHP) traces its roots back to the 1800s. James H. McGraw founded the McGraw Publishing Company in 1899 and John Hill formed the Hill Publishing Company in 1902. In 1909 the two cofounders of today’s McGraw-Hill Companies (MHP) formed McGraw-Hill. Over the many decades that followed, the […]

S&P 500: A 20% rise in 2010?


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The Stock Market – Wisdom via Ben Graham One of my favorite Ben Graham stories is one I cannot substantiate to be true. Nevertheless, it’s a terrific story which I believe contains great investing wisdom. It was alleged that a young zealous reporter was dogging Ben Graham for an interview. Not one to seek the […]

S&P 500: Modestly Overvalued


Research Articles

After a strong price recovery in 2009, the question on every investor’s mind is what about 2010? To us, it’s always a function of valuation based on earnings. In fact, the correlation between earnings and price explains a lot about past, present and ultimately future performance. This is true for individual companies, but applies to […]

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