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10 High Yield REITs: Do the Yields Justify the Risk?


Research Articles

When I first entered the investment business, a mentor taught me that there were really only two ways that an investor could position their portfolios; they could either act as owners or they could act as loaners. Owners typically invested in equities and were therefore owners of the underlying asset class they invested in. Loaners, […]

High Yield Royalty Trusts: Enticing, But Not Necessarily for Retirement Portfolios


Research Articles

As our population ages, the quest for income to fund retirement has never been greater.With interest rates at or near all-time lows, the traditional fixed income option does not provide enough yield to meet the needs of most people desirous of living off their portfolio income.Consequently, investors are compelled to search out alternative options. Royalty […]

Are MLPs a Good Choice for Conservative Dividend Investors?


Research Articles

The primary focus of this series on how to know when and why to buy a stock has thus far dealt primarily with traditional operating companies. In this fourth installment we will alter our focus as we look at master limited partnerships (MLPs). One of the big advantages that a publicly traded common stock has […]

Why Our S&P 500-at-1254-Before-2011 Forecast Still Stands


Research Articles

On September 5, 2010 we published an article on Seeking Alpha that suggested that the S&P 500 would reach 1245 by year end. This forecast was based on the S&P 500 trading at its 80 year historical normal PE ratio of 15 and a consensus earnings forecast for calendar year 2010 of $82.98. Below is […]

7 Attractive Dividend Aristocrats Proving the Wisdom of the Masters


Research Articles

When I entered this business 40 years ago, it seemed reasonable to me to study how the best investors behaved. The two investing masters that I respected the most were Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett. If I was going to be of value to others, it only made sense that I learn as much as […]

26 Dividend Paying Utility Stocks


Research Articles

Moderate to high dividend yield has long been the prime attraction for investors in electric utilities. The fact that electric utilities provide essential services is a plus and a negative at the same time. The plus is, as perceived at least, recession resistance that implies stability. The negative is heavy regulation that stifles growth potential. […]

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