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Research Articles

Hudson City Bancorp: Bum or Bum Rap?


Research Articles

Since we have written extensively on Hudson City Bancorp (HCBK) in the past, we have received several requests for an update given yesterday’s circumstances. An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by Corrie Driebush of Dow Jones newswires titled, Hudson City Expects to Receive Regulatory Enforcement Action, stimulated a sharp selloff in the company’s share […]

5 Technology Titans Offering Growing Dividend, Capital Appreciation Potential (Part II)


Research Articles

Positioning Statements and Introductory Remarks: Learning from the Past The following presentation, through the lens of our F.A.S.T. Graphs™ research tool, reveals a picture of each company’s past, present and future fundamental values. We’re often asked, and even criticized, for placing too much emphasis on historical information and values. Therefore, we offer the following positioning […]

When Others Are Fearful, Buy Hewlett Packard


Research Articles

To be perfectly blunt, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) posted a solid first quarter 2011 (see conference call transcript here). However, it’s amazing how the media can spin a tale of negativity out of excellent operating results, and how the market could take this already inexpensive technology stalwart down at a double-digit percentage rate as a result. […]

A Primer on Valuation: 9 Very Fast-Growing Super Stocks


Research Articles

Introduction This article is going to deal with growth stocks and how to value them. First of all, it’s important to point out that growth stocks are very different than ordinary stocks. Growth stocks need to be thought about differently, because they possess powerful attributes that their more ordinary cousins do not. Even though this […]

A Primer on Valuation: 8 Examples of How Earnings Growth Drives Dividends and Returns


Research Articles

Valuation Based on Fundamentals In order to prudently answer the question of when to buy a stock, an investor first needs to know the value of the company behind the stock. At the most basic level, a company derives its value based on the fundamentals behind the business it operates. Focusing on, and calculating the […]

A Primer on Valuation: Testing the Wisdom of Ben Graham’s Formula


Research Articles

If an investor is going to successfully invest in common stocks over their lifetime, there are three important questions that must be correctly answered. What to invest in? When to invest? When to sell? The first question deals with finding the right company or companies that you believe can deliver the returns you are seeking. […]

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