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Nike (NKE): Just Do It – Sell


Research Articles

There is an enormous amount of discussion and even controversy regarding various opinions as to whether the stock market is currently undervalued or overvalued.  Some pundits, such as Prof. Schiller, use a statistical analysis that argues for overvaluation based on an alleged reversion to the mean. Currently, Prof. Schiller calculates the Schiller PE on the […]

Fastenal (FAST): A Vivid Case of Overvaluation


Research Articles

Our normal policy is to produce articles and analysis on companies that we believe offer attractive valuations based on earnings and cash flows.  However, we’ve recently received numerous requests to write about companies that may be overvalued by Mr. Market. This article is going to cover a company that we have owned in the past, […]

Has McDonalds Become Too Pricey To Buy or Hold?


Research Articles

We are strong believers in making buy, sell or hold investing decisions predicated on the fundamentals behind the business that the common stock represents.  On the other hand, we also acknowledge the undeniable reality that “Mr. Market” does not always price a company according to its intrinsic value based on earnings and cash flows.  However, […]

Becton Dickinson- A Healthy Dividend Growth Stock On Sale


Research Articles

One of the great long-term benefits that a recession brings is the opportunity to invest in extremely high-quality companies at low valuations.  This is especially true of companies that have proven themselves as being highly recession-resistant on an operating basis. In other words, companies whose businesses remain strong even when economic times are difficult, as they […]

Net1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS) Rises Over 30 Percent Rewarding Undervaluation


Research Articles

One of today’s biggest gainers is a small-cap, NASDAQ traded, application software company, Net1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS), and at one time was up over 30% in just this one trading day. As of the time of this writing, Net1 UEPS Technologies is rising approximately 28% from a close of $6.72 on Tuesday, January 18, 2012 […]

The Top 25 Best Dividend Challengers To Buy Today


Research Articles

This is the third and final article of a series of articles we have prepared on dividend paying stocks with a history and legacy of increasing their dividends each year. Our first article covered Dividend Champions, dividend paying stocks with a history of increasing the dividend every year for at least 25 years and can […]

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