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In Today’s Overheated Market Control Risk in Your Retirement Portfolios with Sound Valuation


Research Articles

Introduction Investing money in anything is never without risk.  When investing in liquid investments, prices can and do fluctuate daily.  Importantly, all liquid investments can fluctuate in price, and that includes both stocks and bonds.  I mention this because price volatility, especially when investing in common stocks, represents one of the biggest risks that investors […]

13 Fairly Valued Aggressive Growth Stocks


Research Articles

Introduction I’ve received several requests from MisterValuation subscribers to present some fairly valued high-growth research candidates.  This article will present 14 reasonably valued selections based on high expected future growth.  With the exception of 2 companies, none of these stocks currently pay a dividend.  Therefore, for the most part these are pure play long-term capital […]

20 Attractive Dividend Growth Stocks in Today’s Overvalued Market


Research Articles

I recently published a series of articles on Seeking Alpha and other sites that were free to the public where I presented 20 attractively valued dividend growth stocks with an aggregate yield of 4.3%.  If you haven’t already read them, here are links to both of those articles. 20 Dividend Growth Stocks To Buy Today […]

Cummins Inc: An Intriguing Opportunity for High Dividend Growth


Research Articles

Introduction Cummins Inc (CMI) is a leading designer, distributor and manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines.  As I will illustrate in the analyze- out-loud video associated with this article, a recent drop in the company stock price has created a significant long-term opportunity for the dividend growth investor.  Attractive valuation and the company’s commitment […]

Was Warren Buffett a True Value Investor When He Bought Precision Castparts?


Research Articles

Introduction When I first got interested in investing in common stocks some 50 years ago, I thought it would be wise to research and then study the investing behaviors and philosophies of the recognized investor greats.  My efforts first led me to Ben Graham, and from there to many other famous value investors such as […]

10 Dividend Growth Stocks for Your Retirement Portfolios Aggregate Yield 4.3%: Part 2


Research Articles

Introduction After an exhaustive search of the dividend growth stock universe I identified 20 dividend growth stocks that I felt were currently worthy of consideration for retirement portfolios based on valuation. In part 1 of this 2-part series found here I discussed the current level of the S&P 500, and offered some important principles about […]

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