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How to Successfully Invest in Growth Stocks


Research Articles

Investing In Growth Stocks Investing in growth stocks are very different than investing in ordinary stocks.  As a result, they are valued differently.  As Mr. Valuation I often talk about the importance of investing with a margin of safety.  This is especially important when investing with companies of average or ordinary growth potential.  However, the […]

10 Equity REITs and Only 5 Are Buyable


Research Articles

Equity REITs This week’s subscriber request series Tuesday covers 10 popular equity REITs.  I will be covering 5 healthcare REITs, 3 specialized REITs 1 diversified REIT and 1 retail REIT.  All of these REITs but one have investment grade ratings of BBB- or better.  However, just like it is a market of stocks, it is […]

Are The Juicy Yields Of Mortgage REITs Worth The Risk?


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Introduction Mortgage REITs Although interest rates have risen since the pandemic started, they continue at levels that would be considered historically low.  Consequently, investors seeking yield or income from their investments are struggling to find any that are paying attractive rates.  Most blue-chip dividend growth stocks are trading at extremely high valuations which have driven […]

6 Mid-Cap Stocks for Growth at a Reasonable Price


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Introduction With this video I look at 6 attractively valued mid-cap stocks that are trading at valuations that are lower than their expected long-term growth rates.  I believe the current market is one of the most challenging I have had to deal with over my five decade career.  For starters, I am a value investor, […]

How To Analyze ETFs


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Introduction One of the most asked questions I receive is; how do I evaluate ETFs?  As Mr. Valuation, my answer is rather simple and straightforward.  An ETF is only as good as the sum of its parts.  Therefore, in my humble opinion, the best way to analyze and evaluate the attractiveness of an ETF is […]

Merck & Company (MRK) Blue-Chip Dividend Growth Stock On Sale


Research Articles

Dividend Growth Stock On Sale Merck & Company (MRK) is what I consider to be a very high quality blue-chip dividend growth stock that promises both some good current income and growth of future income, as well as capital appreciation.  Most importantly of all, I believe it’s very attractively-valued today.  In this video I am […]

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