Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL): Fast Fundamental Analysis


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Introduction Alphabet $GOOGL, a.k.a. Google is not your ordinary company or stock. This is a powerful growth stock that despite its near $2 trillion market cap continues to grow at a high rate. Although the stock is not necessarily inexpensive or cheap, it still represents a solid investment opportunity for long-term capital appreciation. Earnings forecasts […]

11 Dividend Contenders For Growth And Income


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Dividend Growth Stocks Dividend Contenders are high-quality dividend growth stocks that have increased their dividends for 10 up to 24 years. Therefore, they offer investors the opportunity to receive a growing dividend income stream to help keep up with inflation. Even better, they tend to be among the faster growing dividend growth stocks that also […]

Clorox Crashed: Buy, Sell or Hold?


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Introduction – Clorox Clorox reported what many are describing as disastrous earnings for the 4th fiscal quarter 2021. But perhaps the worst news is that the company is guiding for much lower earnings for fiscal years 2022 and 2023 than previously expected. The question then is: is this Dividend Aristocrat that has raised its dividend […]

How To Find Value Stocks July 2021


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Introduction – Finding Value Stocks Even though we are in a long-running and very inflated bull market, there are value stocks to be found. In this video I show how finding attractively valued stocks is easy with FAST Graphs. The key is to understand what value is, how you can calculate it and therefore how […]

Is AT&T a Value Trap or Dividend Income Turbo Charger


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Introduction Is AT&T a value trap or dividend income turbo charger? Valuation is relative to the growth rate of the companies in question. And I think this is something that people often overlook. Just because you buy a stock at a good value, it does not simultaneously mean you are going to make a lot […]

10 Dividend Stocks For Value And Growth: Not Value Versus Growth


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Value and Growth I believe that all investing is value investing. When valuation is not part of the process then I would argue that what is being engaged in is speculation. It is not that speculation is wrong, however, it is not investing in the purist sense. One of my pet peeves is the ongoing […]

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