4 High-Yield Dividend REITs For Income Now


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Dividend REITs for Income Here I will cover 4 REITs that have a dividend. Real Estate Investment Trusts are excellent vehicles for generating high income over time.  However, just like most other income generating equity investments, it’s hard to find good value in this sector in this low interest rate environment.  Fortunately, I identified 4 […]

Building A Dividend Growth Portfolio from Scratch in Today’s Expensive Market


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Introduction Building A Dividend Growth Portfolio Before we talk about a dividend growth portfolio, the stock market as measured by the S&P 500 is at an all-time high. However, that is not what concerns me. What I am worried about is the extremely high relative valuation of the market. To be clear, the market can […]

While Most Dividend Growth Stocks Remain Too Expensive – Here Are 50 That Are Not! Part 1 of 5


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Introduction The Great Recession of 2008 – which ended in the spring of 2009 – brought on one of the greatest and longest bull markets in modern history.  For true value-oriented dividend growth investors, the recession created a virtual cornucopia of excellent dividend growth stock investment opportunities that existed until the end of August 2013.  […]

A Comprehensive Look At Dividend Growth Stock Valuations Sector By Sector: Part 2


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Introduction Finding attractively valued dividend growth stocks is getting harder and harder to do.  The overall market has been on a relentless advance for many years now, and high quality dividend paying growth stocks have been leaders.  Consequently, valuations have become extended beyond historical norms and I contend prudence.  Nevertheless, there are attractive dividend growth […]

Mid-cap Dividend Growth Stocks by Sector – Part 2C: REITs and Real Estate Management


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Introduction This is the final installment in my series of articles on fairly valued mid-cap selections.  My inspiration to produce these articles was at the request and suggestion from regular readers who were frustrated at the lack of coverage and/or articles on mid-caps.  To accommodate those requests, I screened through the S&P 400 mid-cap index […]

Which is Best-Investing For Income or Total Return: Part 2


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Introduction There is a long running feud between investors who believe in investing for total return versus those who believe in investing for current income.  Both camps are fervent advocates of their respective beliefs, and there seems to be no feasible middle ground or compromise.  Unfortunately, I believe that the dogmatic positions of both groups […]

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