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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): Is It Cheap For A Reason?


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Introduction Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (HPE) was created on November 1 of 2015 resulting from Hewlett Packard splitting into two entities. In contrast to its hardware focused predecessor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is focused on the cloud providing information technology and enterprise products, solutions, and services. Since the company was formed it has only been awarded […]

Investing Principles – Value v. Growth | FAST Graphs


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Introduction Today in this video I want to talk about some investing principles that kind of relate to me, and actually represent kind of a pet peeve of mine, if you will.  In the investment industry there’s always a lot of discussion and even debates about which is a better way to invest – value […]

Why I Continue To Like IBM Even After Yesterday’s Drop


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International Business Machine After reporting earnings yesterday IBM’s stock price fell 10% and is down another 1% today as I write this. Mr. Market is reacting to IBM’s slight revenue miss despite earnings coming in a penny higher than analyst forecasts. Quarterly revenue was expected to come in at $17.81 billion but instead came in […]

FedEx (FDX) versus UPS: Buy FedEx


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FedEx Is A Buy FedEx (FDX) is one of the three largest commercial small parcel delivery companies in the world. UPS (UPS) is in fact the largest, but Federal Express grows faster and is more attractively valued. With this video I will provide a by-the-numbers fundamental look at both companies. Although UPS appears to be […]

Subscriber Request: The Trucking Industry


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4 Trucking Stocks I reserve each Tuesday for subscriber requests. Most of the time I have familiarity with the companies or the industry that I’m asked to present. However, the trucking industry for whatever reason has not been an industry that I have personally been attracted to. Consequently, this gives me the opportunity to not […]

Identifying Value Traps In Advance: Part 2


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Introduction to Identifying Value Traps Here is a link to Part 1 In what has become part 2 of this two-part series, I simply identified the difference between a value trap versus a value investment.  The sole purpose of that video was to illustrate the distinctions between a true value stock versus a value trap.  […]

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