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Stock To Buy Now After Hewlett Packard (HPQ) spun off Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) the company unleashed its growth potential. Prior to the spinoff the original Hewlett Packard was experiencing very sluggish growth. Consequently, unwinding the company was able to accelerate the growth of both Hewlett Packard Enterprises and to even a greater extent HP […]

How To Know When To Sell A Tech Stock?


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Introduction One of the most common complaints I hear from investors is that their advisors or brokers like to tell them when to buy, but never tell them when to sell. Whether those criticisms are fair or not, the sell decision is certainly the most vexing decision that investors face. Nevertheless, there are several clichés […]

Apple, Microsoft, Visa: Crazy Or Crazy Like A Fox


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Introduction There are technical distinctions between investing versus speculating. Nevertheless, both concepts are often thought about or utilized interchangeably. Moreover, there are nuanced distinctions between a rational or well-thought-out speculation versus outright gambling. In the former, there may be logical realities that support speculation when circumstances are in your favor. However, with gambling, the odds […]

5 Mid-Cap Greenblatt Magic Formula Stocks for Total Return


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Introduction – Joel Greenblatt Magic Formula Stocks To keep myself sharp and my skills honed, I routinely go to my library of investment books on stocks and re-read classics that have had an impact on me.  This week I did a complete re-read of a Joel Greenblatt classic “The Little Book That Beats The Market.”  […]

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