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Canadian Banks – Good Value Great Dividends


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Introduction – Canadian Banks This week’s subscriber request video will look at the 6 leading Canadian banks. The top 6 banks in Canada hold roughly 90% of Canada’s banking deposits. Although there is a lot of similarity in their respective historical operating results, there are important differences amongst the 6 leaders. With this video I […]

This Is How I Find GREAT Stocks To Invest In


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How To Find Great Stocks To Invest In I have an interesting video for you today on stock research and due diligence on finding great stocks to invest in.  What I am doing is updating a video that I produced more than 2 years ago titled: Comprehensive Research and Due Diligence Is a Process, Here […]

10 Dividend Stocks For Value And Growth: Not Value Versus Growth


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Value and Growth I believe that all investing is value investing. When valuation is not part of the process then I would argue that what is being engaged in is speculation. It is not that speculation is wrong, however, it is not investing in the purist sense. One of my pet peeves is the ongoing […]

Infrastructure Stocks Too Hot to be Investable


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Introduction When investing in the stock market, it is not uncommon that certain sectors will become either red-hot or stone cold. Right now, classic infrastructure stocks have become red-hot. The question is, have they become too hot to be investable? There are times when certain sectors get hot, and they run and sometimes they run […]

Do Not Gamble On Casino Stocks


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Introduction This video on casino stocks is one of my continuing subscriber request Tuesday video series where I cover stocks that were requested by you my valued subscribers. Several subscribers showed an interest in casino stocks and gaming stocks, specifically, Caesars Entertainment Inc. (CZR), Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS), MGM Resorts International (MGM), Wynn Resorts […]

How Many Stocks Should I Own When Building A Portfolio?


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Introduction One of the most asked questions I receive from investors is: how many stocks should I own/hold in my portfolio?  Or, they might ask: how diversified should my portfolio be?  On the flip side, I have had investors tell me that they would not be comfortable owning less than 50 stocks.  I even had […]

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