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DJIA Big Tech – Featuring Apple & Microsoft (Part 3)


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Introduction – DJIA Big Tech – Featuring Apple This is part 3 of my three-part series dissecting the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  I am going refer to this as the big tech version because I will be focusing on and featuring Apple stock.  In part 1 I covered the most fairly valued of the 30 […]

7 REITs For Income And Growth


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Introduction – REITS In this video I cover 7 REITs for income and growth that subscribers to the channel asked me to cover. I also talk about the structure of REITs and the best metrics to use to evaluate. The interesting aspect of REITs are that they are liquid real estate. In the video I […]

Energy Stocks Have Run Out Of Gas


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Have Energy Stocks Run Out Of Gas? In reviewing energy stocks, the energy sector has been very lethargic since the great recession of 2008.  Consequently, I am not seeing a single company in the integrated oil and gas sector that has been able to produce consistent operating results or growth since 2008.  Clearly, climate change […]

Drug Retail Stocks Their Valuation Is Intoxicating


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Introduction – Drug Retail Stocks Even in today’s richly valued stock market, drug retail stocks are incredibly cheap.  The oldest and perhaps most important adage in Wall Street is buy low to sell high.  As much common sense as that adage makes, it turns out to be one of the most difficult things for investors […]

5 Red Hot Investment Grade US Based Homebuilders


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Introduction 5 US Based Homebuilders Every Tuesday I do a subscriber request video. With this video I will be looking at the publicly traded homebuilders in the USA based homebuilding industry. Homebuilder Industry The homebuilding industry is hot today. The demand for houses is extremely strong and the supply short. Consequently, publicly traded homebuilders are […]

Investing Can Be Fun and Profitable – 3 Discretionary Stocks


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Introduction – Investing in Discretionary Stocks Investing is not always a dreary endeavor; it can also be fun.  This is especially true if you can find fun companies to invest in at attractive valuations.  At least, for me as Mr. Valuation, the most fun I have is when I find great companies at attractive values.  […]

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