Meta Platforms (Facebook): Buy The Dip? | FAST Graphs


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Introduction Meta Platforms, Inc. (FB) a.k.a. Facebook has experienced a double-digit slump in stock price since August. With this video we will conduct a FAST fundamental analysis of the company by the numbers. Importantly, this is a true growth stock, and as such, needs to be looked at differently than you would a traditional company […]

2 Stocks Beating Bonds For Income (K) (GIS)| FAST Graphs


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Are These 2 Stocks Better Than Bonds? Can a case really be made to use blue-chip dividend paying stocks as bond substitutes?  This is a very controversial question that has existed in the investment community since I have been involved over the past 50 years.  Bond purists can get angry and even antagonistic if you […]

Cigna Stock – Too Cheap to Ignore – FAST Graphs


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Cigna Stock – Too Cheap to Ignore On August 5, 2021, Cigna (CI) shares fell approximately 11%, which caused a lot of concern for investors. However, the news actually caused me confusion because Cigna reported that earnings beat by $0.27 and so did revenues. Consequently, I felt that the change in fundamentals that certain analysts […]

Energy Stocks Have Run Out Of Gas


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Have Energy Stocks Run Out Of Gas? In reviewing energy stocks, the energy sector has been very lethargic since the great recession of 2008.  Consequently, I am not seeing a single company in the integrated oil and gas sector that has been able to produce consistent operating results or growth since 2008.  Clearly, climate change […]

Is AT&T a Value Trap or Dividend Income Turbo Charger


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Introduction Is AT&T a value trap or dividend income turbo charger? Valuation is relative to the growth rate of the companies in question. And I think this is something that people often overlook. Just because you buy a stock at a good value, it does not simultaneously mean you are going to make a lot […]

How Do I Know The Best Time To Sell A Stock


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Introduction The sell decision appears to be the most difficult decision that common stock investors must make.  Many have told me that they are frustrated because everyone tells them when to buy, but nobody ever tells them when to sell.  Therefore, with this video I will provide my perspectives on when investors should sell a […]

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