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8 Life and Health Insurance Dividend Growth Stocks


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Dividend Growth In this video I present 8 undervalued dividend growth stocks with dividend yields ranging from 2.51% to 5.11%. All these companies are undervalued in what is a very overheated stock market today. Nevertheless, as I always say it is a market of stocks and not a stock market. Therefore, despite the high value […]

Bank of America Corp vs. Citigroup Inc. | FAST Graphs


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Citigroup v Bank of America In this video I will be comparing the investment merit of Bank of America Corp. (BAC) versus Citigroup Inc. (C).  I will be comparing these two money center banks and evaluating them based on income, growth, and total return potential.  Of course, the primary factor to determine which I consider […]

Skyworks (SWKS): Technology Growth At An Attractive Valuation


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Skyworks Technology Growth Since falling from a high of over $200 a share, Skyworks Solutions Inc. (SWKS) provides investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of 5G and the Internet of things at an attractive valuation. Skyworks offers investors the opportunity to participate in the early innings of 5G expansion worldwide. The company is […]

CVS Health Corp. (CVS): Fast Fundamental Analysis | FAST Graphs


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Introduction According to Zacks Investment Research CVS Health is the world’s 7th largest company by revenue and ranked 7th on the Fortune Global 500 list. The company reported Q3 earnings on November 2, 2021 and reported Non-GAAP EPS of $1.97 beats by $0.18; GAAP EPS of $1.20 misses by $0.20. Revenue of $73.79B (+10.0% Y/Y) […]

Intel (INTC): Is The Short-Term Pain Worth The Long-Term Gain?


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Intel versus Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia Both analysts and Intel’s management expect to see earnings and cash flows, especially free cash flow, fall precipitously over the next few years. However, the primary reason is because management has decided to take aggressive action to catapult long-term future growth. Consequently, Intel management announced that capital expenditures […]

Subscriber Request: The Trucking Industry


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4 Trucking Stocks I reserve each Tuesday for subscriber requests. Most of the time I have familiarity with the companies or the industry that I’m asked to present. However, the trucking industry for whatever reason has not been an industry that I have personally been attracted to. Consequently, this gives me the opportunity to not […]

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