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FedEx versus UPS: Buy FedEx


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FedEx Is A Buy FedEx (FDX) is one of the three largest commercial small parcel delivery companies in the world. UPS (UPS) is in fact the largest, but Federal Express grows faster and is more attractively valued. With this video I will provide a by-the-numbers fundamental look at both companies. Although UPS appears to be […]

11 Dividend Contenders For Growth And Income


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Dividend Growth Stocks Dividend Contenders are high-quality dividend growth stocks that have increased their dividends for 10 up to 24 years. Therefore, they offer investors the opportunity to receive a growing dividend income stream to help keep up with inflation. Even better, they tend to be among the faster growing dividend growth stocks that also […]

Is This 7% Dividend Yield Worth The Risk?


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7.11% Dividend Yield With this week’s Subscriber Request Video I will be covering Artesian Partners Asset Management, Inc. (APAM) – a dividend paying high yielding small-cap that appears attractively valued. This will be an interesting video because I will be covering a company that I have not evaluated before. Therefore, this video will represent an […]

Amgen Buy The Dip For Growth And Income


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Introduction to Amgen (AMGN) Amgen stock price fell approximately 6 and half percent yesterday.  Although that sounds like a lot, it is really nothing more than normal volatility in my humble opinion.  On the other hand, it did create an opportunity to buy this already attractively valued biotech giant at an even more reasonable valuation. […]

6 Mid-Cap Stocks for Growth at a Reasonable Price


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Introduction With this video I look at 6 attractively valued mid-cap stocks that are trading at valuations that are lower than their expected long-term growth rates.  I believe the current market is one of the most challenging I have had to deal with over my five decade career.  For starters, I am a value investor, […]

Is Costco Stock Worth It?


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Introduction Costco (COST) You asked for it, so every Tuesday I do a subscriber request. Today’s video is on Costco, Is Costco Stock Worth It? One of the highest quality companies on the planet and a leader in the “Hypermarkets and Supercenters” subindustry category. Even though Costco has fallen approximately 15% since November of last […]

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