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Is Alibaba Too Risky? Alibaba’s (BABA) stock price along with many other China-based ADRs has fallen precipitously. The question has become: is the political risk too great to invest? An article published in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend motivated me to produce this update. I believe the fundamentals of Alibaba are excellent relative […]

Alibaba – The Chinese Amazon


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Introduction Alibaba Alibaba – The Chinese Amazon is one of the stocks I get asked about all the time. This is what I would call a growth at a reasonable price (GARP) opportunity. There are some very interesting points I will go over with the company in this video. Alibaba is a company that I […]

How to Successfully Invest in Growth Stocks


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Investing In Growth Stocks Investing in growth stocks are very different than investing in ordinary stocks.  As a result, they are valued differently.  As Mr. Valuation I often talk about the importance of investing with a margin of safety.  This is especially important when investing with companies of average or ordinary growth potential.  However, the […]

Chinese Growth Stocks – Alibaba Group & Baidu, Inc.


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Introduction to Growth Stocks Today I will be discussing growth stocks. Every FAST Graphs tells a data story. Therefore, I consider it the first step, albeit an essential first step prior to a more comprehensive research and due diligence effort. Furthermore, I often get requests from subscribers to cover certain stocks; dividend stocks, growth stocks, […]

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