Build 2.1.6


Welcome to build 2.1.6 of FAST Graphs! There are number of updates that we hope you will like. The following issues were fixed in this release:

Bug fixes:

Pricing was not extending properly for non-December fiscal year companies

This bug caused companies to look like it had an IPO in year 2000 for non-December fiscal year companies that have data extending past year 2000 historically.

Custom valuation line syntax

The custom valuation ratio input box allowed users to input incorrect syntax which would result in the valuation line incorrectly (for example: 16,3 vs. 16.3). This now does not allow improper syntax to be entered which results in the line always drawing.

Portfolio date format

Previously, when entering Buys and Sells into a portfolio, the specific date format required was mm-dd-yyyy. If this format was not used, but instead something like mm/dd/yyyy was used, it could have caused issues with graphing the transactions. This is now fixed and any format can be used that follows the Month, Day, Year format. Day, Month, Year will not work properly.

Examples of accepted formats:



Analyst Scorecard not working properly for December fiscal year companies

Previously this was not showing the latest estimates on the Scorecard. This is now fixed and shows estimates properly.

Normal Multiple Forecasting Calculator not defaulting to 5 years

This is now working as intended and defaults to 5 years.

Stock Splits popup was being cut off

The pop up for stock splits on the historical graph now shows properly.

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