Build 2.1.5


Welcome to build 2.1.5 of FAST Graphs! There are number of updates that we hope you will like. The following issues were fixed in this release:

Bug Fixes

  1. Portfolio Management Tab is fixed and now can add/remove a stock in a selected portfolio while using FAST Graphs
  • Fixed autofill in ticker search bar for safari browsers
  • Removed Generate Screenshot
    • It was a plugin we were using that proved to be outdated, and was displaying the charts incorrectly when screenshotting
    • As for now, if you want to screenshot the graphs, please use a snipping tool of your own (Snipping Tool, Snip & Sketch, Snagit, etc.)  This is a functionality we may add back to FAST Graphs at a later time

  • Fixed some slight bugs with dividends
  • Fixed a bug on Forecasting Calculators where it displayed more than 2 years of historical data
  • Adjusted calculations for Annualized Performance in Portfolio Review and Screening


  1. Added metric yield to FAST FACTS
    • Metric Yield is now displaying between Metric Ratio and Dividend yield
    • Displays on Historical Graph and Forecasting Calculators
  • Changed the verbiage “Growth” to “Market Value” on performance popups in the Historical Graph
  • Updated menu bars in Portfolios, FUN Graphs, and Screening
  • Updated formula for Owner’s Earnings Metric
    • Our prior Owner’s Earnings formula we were utilizing was not accurate enough in our opinion. One of the biggest changes to the formula was the calculation of Maintenance CapEx, that we believe is now a more accurate number
    • We also looked at the data fields we received for noncash charges, and were able to utilize better data fields to create a more accurate calculation

  • Enhanced EYE Chart to work for each specific metric
    • Previously it was displaying Adjusted Earnings at all times

A note from the devs:

We wanted to thank everyone for another amazing year creating and developing FAST Graphs. We seriously could not do it without all of the support we get from our amazing community!

As for 2020 and beyond, we’ve got some really exciting things in the pipeline that we can’t wait to start developing. So everyone hold on tight, because FAST Graphs is about to get a whole lot better than it already is!

Also, don’t forget to checkout our YouTube channel if you haven’t! We are posting some great video content there completely free to help spread the knowledge of fundamental investing.

Thanks again everyone, and happy holidays! We hope everyone enjoys their time with their families this holiday season. Let’s make the Roaring 20’s a decade to remember!

Team FAST Graphs

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