It Is Time To Bank On Big Bank Stocks


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Introduction Big Bank Stocks I have been talking about how overvalued the overall stock market is today.  However, I also frequently point out that it is a market of stocks not a stock market.  In this context, I have also pointed out that two primary sectors – healthcare and financials – remain undervalued.  When this […]

5 Red Hot Investment Grade US Based Homebuilders


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Introduction 5 US Based Homebuilders Every Tuesday I do a subscriber request video. With this video I will be looking at the publicly traded homebuilders in the USA based homebuilding industry. Homebuilder Industry The homebuilding industry is hot today. The demand for houses is extremely strong and the supply short. Consequently, publicly traded homebuilders are […]

Finding Value In Mid-Cap Stocks


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Introduction – Lot of Value in Mid-Cap Stocks Although the overall market looks extremely overvalued, there is a lot of value in mid-cap stocks.  Even though they are smaller companies, there are many with investment-grade credit ratings, pristine balance sheets and best of all strong growth potential.  S&P 500 With this video I will take […]

13 Top Brand Consumer Staples Stocks


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Introduction Top Brand Stocks In this video I will go over 13 Top Brands – How Much Are They Worth?  Consumer Staples are companies that sell products that people utilize in their everyday lives.  Because of that, they are generally considered to be “safe haven” stocks.  In this video I will be covering 13 companies […]

Investing Can Be Fun and Profitable – 3 Discretionary Stocks


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Introduction – Investing in Discretionary Stocks Investing is not always a dreary endeavor; it can also be fun.  This is especially true if you can find fun companies to invest in at attractive valuations.  At least, for me as Mr. Valuation, the most fun I have is when I find great companies at attractive values.  […]

Home Depot versus Lowe’s: Which Stock is a Better Buy?


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Introduction For this week’s Subscriber Request Tuesday, I will be comparing Home Depot to Lowe’s. It is almost uncanny how Home Depot and Lowe’s have operating histories that parallel each other very closely.  If you did not have the name of the company on the FAST Graph, you would have trouble telling one from the […]

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