8 – The Most Powerful Investing Force On Earth – Part A


Value-You Academy

The Most Powerful Investing Force On Earth Introduction Urban Legend has it that Albert Einstein called compounding interest the most powerful force on earth. Whether Albert Einstein actually said this or not is a subject of considerable debate. Nevertheless, if Albert Einstein did not say this, we would argue that perhaps he should have. Why? […]

7 – Utilizing Various Valuation Metrics in FAST Graphs to Make Better Investment Decisions


Value-You Academy

FAST Graphs is an acronym for Fundamentals Analyzer Software Tool. As such, this powerful stock research tool was designed and created to help investors research stocks deeper and faster. Importantly, FAST Graphs do not attempt to dictate fair value, instead, they are designed to reveal fair value. In this regard, it is offered as an […]

Walt Disney Company: A Lesson on Overvaluation


Research Articles

Introduction Please accept this special edition offering on Walt Disney Company (DIS) as a lesson on valuation.  Over the many years I have been a value investor, I have learned that even the best companies can become dangerously overvalued by the market.  Sometimes they can remain that way for extended periods of time.  We have […]

Tesla – Great Cars, Perhaps Great Company But Very Scary Stock


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Introduction Tesla (TSLA) makes great automobiles, and although that is not all that they do, the Tesla automobile generates most of their revenues. That may not always be the case, but it is today. According to Zacks Investment Research, Tesla’s automotive segment generated 93.7% of 2019 revenues. Moreover, Tesla commands approximately 60% market share of […]

6 – How to Find the Intrinsic Value of a Stock


Value-You Academy

Earnings Are Optional But Cash Is King In addition to the earnings metrics covered in FAST Graphs Value-You Academy No. 5, subscribers also have access to cash flow and intrinsic value metrics. With this FAST Graphs Value-You Academy installment, Bill Kay will break down and illustrate the differences and how they are generated on the […]

Not All Dividends Are the Same Even When Their Yield Is Similar


Research Articles

Introduction The better informed the investor is, the better the investment decisions they can make. But being an informed investor can be a very arduous task, and some would even say that conducting research on common stocks is a real snoozer. Poring over mounds of financial data and trying to piece this information into meaningful […]

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