Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY): Unloved & Underappreciated


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Bristol-Myers Squibb is a leading pharmaceutical company with a strong pipeline. However, the stock is been stagnant in 2020 and therefore remains significantly undervalued here at the beginning of 2021. With this video I attempt to illustrate reasons why the market has been neglecting this blue-chip and then elaborate on whether it is justified or […]

This COVID-19 Play Could Double Or Even Triple Your Money In 2021: Alpha Pro Tech Limited


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Introduction It goes without saying that COVID-19and the pandemic has been and is a terrible thing. People have gotten terribly sick and many have even succumbed to this horrible virus. Clearly, there is nothing good or positive that can be said about this scourge from a purely human or humanity perspective. On the other hand, […]

AT&T Had Its Earnings Call Today Should We Answer?


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AT&T reported earnings today and although they beat expectations, the stock is trading down over 2% so far.  The company was light on revenues compared to 2019 but did report free cash flow for the year of $27.5 billion, slightly below the $29 billion reported in 2019.  However, on a promising note to some, the […]

Dropbox: Growth At A Reasonable Price or Value Trap


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Introduction In the comment section of my last video a subscriber asked me if I had any opinion on Dropbox (DBX), a young fast-growing tech stock.  Although this is a company that I have not researched for investment purposes, it is a company whose product I use in my own business and to a lesser […]

10 – Investor Psychology – Know Thy Self


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In the long run, earning determine market price. But in the short run, emotions determine market price. This video deals with investor psychology and how biases can impact decisions. A key message is to know the value of what you are investing in and not just the price. However, as the venerable Warren Buffett once […]

9 – The Most Powerful Investing Force On Earth – Part B


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Introduction Urban Legend has it that Albert Einstein called compounding interest the most powerful force on earth. Whether Albert Einstein actually said this or not is a subject of considerable debate. Nevertheless, if Elbert Einstein did not say this, we would argue that perhaps he should have. Why? Because every investor should possess a working […]

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