10 Dividend Growth Stocks for Yield and Growth


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Introduction With this video I put together 10 attractively valued dividend growth stocks offering the potential for both growing dividend income and strong capital appreciation. In addition to providing these research candidates as very attractively valued stocks in today’s generally overvalued stock market, I am also going to be discussing not just the strong returns […]

What You Need to Know about IPOs and Emerging Growth Stocks


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Introduction Everybody is looking for IPOs and emerging growth stocks and the opportunity to invest in the next Facebook, Amazon or Netflix. Consequently, young new emerging companies have a strong market available to launch their businesses publicly. However, from the perspective of the potential investor, it is very difficult to evaluate young companies with no […]

How Do I Know The Best Time To Sell A Stock


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Introduction The sell decision appears to be the most difficult decision that common stock investors must make.  Many have told me that they are frustrated because everyone tells them when to buy, but nobody ever tells them when to sell.  Therefore, with this video I will provide my perspectives on when investors should sell a […]

Here Is How I Find Stocks Through Comprehensive Research And Due Diligence


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Introduction Subscriber Francisco Machado offered an excellent suggestion that inspired this video on how I conduct comprehensive research and due diligence on stocks. Here is what he asked me: “Thank you for the video, Chuck. One idea, if you think it may be helpful, would be to show your in depth (as much as possible) […]

Value Investing Requires Intelligent Patience


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Introduction After working with investors for more than 50 years, I have learned many things about human nature. Especially when it comes to people’s money. Value Investing Requires Intelligent Patience. Perhaps the most vivid lesson I have learned is that most people lack the ability to apply intelligent patience to their investment portfolios. In other […]

BDCs: High Yield, High Risk, Or Both?


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Introduction Statistically BDCs often look very attractive. Dividend yields often average 7% or better, earnings yields are also high because valuations appear low. But with BDCs statistics are not always what they appear to be on the surface. In theory, BDCs should perform very well when interest rates are declining as they have been for […]

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