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Valuation Predicts Returns



Valuation is an often overlooked, yet critical aspect of investing analysis. No matter how well a business performs, if its stock price is overvalued shareholder returns will be poor. On the other hand, if a company’s stock price is undervalued, future returns will be enhanced. Today’s video looks at one aspect from the perspective of a […]

PepsiCo Profits



PepsiCo reported better than expected profits this morning. Its stock trades at a historically low valuation. Therefore, its current yield is higher than normal with a history of growing. Today’s video looks at PepsiCo as a dividend growth opportunity. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Disclosure: Author Manages Portfolios Long PEP Growth yield is a […]

One’s Pain, Another’s Gain!



Family Dollar is a low-overhead self-service retail store. Just the kind of store that appeals to budget-conscious consumers. Family Dollar reported record net income for the year ended August 29, 2009 up 24.7%. Today’s video looks at Family Dollar’s value in relation to earnings. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Family Dollars is just one […]

Internet Icons!



Just fifteen years ago, there was no eBay, ten years ago no Google. Today they are among the most recognized brands in the world. I can’t think of better examples to illustrate how the individual company is more relevant than the market. Today’s Video looks at the two icons as compared to the stock market. Best […]

Germ Freedom Fighter!



Steris Corp fights germs. According to a Barron’s article, flue pandemics have and are driving sales for this mid-cap company. Steris is a classic example of the importance of earnings to long-term returns. Today’s video looks at how earnings drive stock prices over time. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Always do your own research. […]

Time In, Not Timing!



The third quarter of 2009 ended with the market strongly off of lows. On current earnings, the market looks expensive. On future earnings it looks cheap. Today’s video looks at the S&P 500 based on earnings. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. The market could correct by 10% or so before rising again based […]

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