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The Great Predictor – Valuation



Of all investment indicators, valuation is, in my opinion, the most predictive. True value, within a reasonable degree of accuracy can be calculated. Once done you can overlay price on earnings in order to forecast both return and the risk taken to achieve it. Today’s video will look at four iterations of overvaluation and reveal the […]

Valuation Matters



Valuation Matters In my opinion, there are two primary factors that determine long-term returns. The rate of change of earnings growth and the price or valuation you pay to buy those earnings. This week we will focus on several consequences of valuation. How overvaluation reduces returns and how undervaluation can enhance returns. Today’s video looks at […]

Facts Not Fear



The Dow has hit 10,000 and everyone is either excited or afraid it will fall again. No one knows for sure. However, the future is probably brighter than most fear. Today’s video looks at the Dow Jones based on price and the S&P 500 based on price and earnings. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. […]

What a Waste – Company



The Weekly Trader in Barron’s did a story on Waste Management. Waste removal to clean up is clearly a growth industry. Today’s video takes a fundamental look at Waste Management and a couple competitors. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Even with companies in the same industry, and even when the industry has attractive prospects, […]

Intel Tells



Intel reported earnings that although down, were much higher than expectations. Importantly, they forecast that computer sales were showing signs of recovering. The fundamental graph for Intel can tell us a lot about old school investing principles. Especially the importance of earnings and valuation towards long-term investing success. Today’s video looks at Intel based on fundamental […]

Markets Reacting Badly to JNJ



JNJ reported better than expected earnings of $1.20 versus street estimates of $1.13. They raised full year 2009 guidance from $4.52 to $4.54 – $4.59. Of course, the stock is down 2% in early trading. Today’s video looks at JNJ based on fundamentals and evaluates what the change in guidance really means. Best when viewed in […]

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