Portfolios gives you the ability to track lists of stocks and ultimately utilize FAST Graphs to conduct research. From the Portfolios menu, you’ll be able to create portfolios, Review the portfolio, immediately graph the portfolio, edit the list of tickers, and edit the Buys and Sells for the individual stocks within it.

Create a Portfolio

To create a portfolio, type the name in the entry box and hit Add. Once you click Add, you will be taken to a screen to add the tickers into the portfolio. Enter the tickers of all the companies you want added to the portfolio with spaces between them and hit Update. Your portfolio will then be listed on the main portfolio screen.


Once you have a portfolio created, the main screen will show the portfolio name, followed by the number of stocks in the portfolio, and then followed by the remaining buttons described earlier:

  • Review
  • Graph
  • Edit Tickers
  • Edit B/S


Clicking on Review will bring you to the Portfolio Review for the selected portfolio. From here, you’ll be able to customize the view of the portfolio and sort on specific metrics that you are looking for to help understand the value of the stock. You’ll also be able to draw any stock in the portfolio as a FAST Graph by clicking on the ticker.

Click here to learn more about Portfolio Review.


Clicking on Graph will immediately graph the portfolio in FAST Graphs starting with the first alphabetical ticker in the portfolio. You’ll then be able to navigate through the portfolio using the navigation bar. To do so, use the black arrows or the dropdown to navigate to any stock within that portfolio.

Click here to learn about portfolio navigation.

Edit Tickers

The Edit Tickers button will bring you to the same page that you input the tickers in when creating your portfolio. From here you can add or remove tickers and click Update to update the portfolio. If you want to delete a portfolio, you’ll need to remove all tickers from the box and click Update.

Edit B/S

Edit B/S lets you add buys and sells to the portfolio which will be tracked as green and red dots on FAST Graphs and in the Transaction tab in FAST Graphs. To add buys and sells, follow the prompt and fill in the data and click Update. You can also copy and paste in data from an excel sheet that follows the same format when inputting large amounts of data.

Click here to learn more about the Transactions tab.

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