Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is how you traverse the application and change the settings you need or want to see. In the Navigation Bar, you will be able to do the following:

In the Navigation Bar, you will also find that tabs to all 8 Graphs available, as well as External Links for further research.

Changing Tickers

To change the company you are looking at, simply type in the ticker or the name of the company you are looking for in the ticker box located in the top left corner of the navigation bar. If you do not know the ticker of the company you are looking for, typing in the name will populate a list for you to choose from narrowing down until you find what you are looking for.

Change Exchanges

You also have the option to change the exchange you are using selecting between US and Canadian exchanges. When you click the dropdown, you will be given three options:

  • Any Exchange: Any stock from either US or Canadian exchanges will draw
  • US Exchanges: Only US stocks will draw
  • Canadian Exchanges: Only Canadian stocks will draw


Changing Metrics

By default, FAST Graphs draws the graphs using Adjusted Operating Earnings, but there are eight other metrics to choose from. The full list of metrics are as follows:

  • Adjusted Operating Earnings
  • Owner’s Earnings
  • Basic Earnings
  • Diluted Earnings (GAAP)
  • Operating Cash Flow (FFO when looking at REITs)
  • Free Cash Flow (AFFO when looking at REITs)
  • EBITDA per share
  • EBIT per share
  • Net Change in Cash

Click here to learn about each metric.

To change the metrics, simply click on the dropdown to the right of the Ticker Search Box and select the metric you want. The Historical, Performance, Forecasting and Analyst Scorecard graphs will populate using the new metric.



Selecting and Navigating Portfolios

From the Navigation Bar you will be able to quickly select and navigate any portfolio you have. Simply click the dropdown and select the portfolio, and then use the black arrows or the dropdown to navigate to any stock within that portfolio.

If you have Buy and Sell dots in your portfolio, this method will enable the dots on the graph and update the Transactions Tab for each stock.

Click here to learn about creating portfolios and adding buys and sells to the portfolio.


Additional Settings

Additional Settings gives you an additional menu to tweak the settings on the graph and is located in the Navigation Bar. When clicked on, a large menu will expand giving you multiple options to change. The options include:

  • Performance Results on $______
  • Reinvest Dividends at EOQ (End of Quarter)
  • Save Timeframe
  • PD (Dividend Paid Date) & DD (Dividend Declared Date)
  • Log Scale
  • Custom Valuation Ratio

Performance Results on $_____

This section under Additional Settings allows you to change the amount invested that is used in the calculations across the graphs. By default, FAST Graphs uses a $10,000 investment for all performance results. If you want to change the investment amount, simply enter the new amount you would like and hit “Apply Settings.”

Reinvest Dividends at EOQ (End of Quarter)

This option allows you to update the performance results by reinvesting the dividends at each end of quarter for the selected timeframe. By default,  FAST Graphs does not reinvest dividends when calculating performance. Once you have input the desired amount, hit “Apply Settings.”

Save Timeframe

When this option is selected, the timeframe you are looking at will persist from stock to stock. To update the graphs, hit “Apply Settings.”

PD (Dividend Paid Date) & DD (Dividend Declared Date)

Selecting either of these options will populate the graphs with dividends during each Fiscal Year depending on the option selected. If PD is selected, the dividends paid for each fiscal year will be used. If DD is selected, the dividends declared for each year will be used.  FAST Graphs defaults to DD. To update the graphs, hit “Apply Settings.”

Log Scale

This option will change the Historical Graph to a Log Scale if you desire. To update the graphs, hit “Apply Settings.”

Custom Valuation Ratio

This option allows you to draw an additional PE line on the Historical Graph to create your own Custom Valuation Ratio and to test theories. Simply input the new PE ratio you would like to see on the graph and hit “Apply Settings.” The Custom Valuation Ratio will show on the Historical Graph as a magenta (purple) line.

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management tab in the Navigation Bar lets you quickly add and remove a stock from a selected portfolio at any time.
To add or remove a stock from a portfolio, click the appropriate dropdown, select the portfolio, and hit “GO.”

Click here to learn more about Portfolios.

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