FUN Graphs

FUN Graphs stand for Financial Underlying Numbers, and gives you a deeper look into each company. With FUN Graphs, you’ll be able to quickly analyze important financial statement items as a per share function or in millions. You’ll also be able to view important financial ratios such as liquidity ratios and profitability ratios.

FUN Graphs is accessed by clicking on the menu item, and is only available to Premium Subscribers.

In this section, you’ll learn more about the following:

  • General Graph and Navigation
  • Selecting Yearly or Quarterly Graphs
  • Selecting Line or Bar Graphs and Arithmetic or Logarithmic Graphs
  • Save View
  • External Links

Selecting a Stock

Selecting a stock can be done in a few ways:

  1. Whenever you click on FUN Graphs while looking at a FAST Graph, it will automatically populate with the current stock you are viewing
  2. Using the Ticker Search Bar
  3. Using Portfolios

This functions the exact same as Portfolio Navigation on FAST Graphs. Click here to learn more about Portfolio Navigation and how to use it.

Selecting Graph Items

Selecting items to populate the graph are done so in the drop-downs to the left of the graph area. Each bar is an expandable column and gives you a plethora of options to choose from so you can perform your own comparative analysis between items.

Changing Graphs

There are 4 graphs available in FUN Graphs:

  1. Per Share Graph
  2. Ratios Graph
  3. Percentage Graph
  4. In Millions Graph

At any point, you can switch easily between the 4 graphs by clicking on the tabs above the graph area, and below the ticker search bar. Each of these 4 graphs display different information to help you analyze a company quicker and more in depth.

Click here to learn more about the 4 different graphs.

Selecting Yearly or Quarterly graphs

It is extremely easy to switch between Yearly and Quarterly Graphs. Simply click on the tab and the graphs will instantly redraw with the corresponding data.

The Yearly graphs show up to 20 years of data, and the Quarterly graphs show up to 8 quarters.

Selecting Line or Bar Graphs and Arithmetic or Logarithmic Graphs

You also have the option to look at FUN Graphs as bar graphs or line graphs, coupled with arithmetic or logarithmic graphs. To do so, click on the icons located above the graph, and the graph will instantly redraw.

Save View

Just like Portfolio Review, you can save a preset so your FUN Graphs will always have the same items graphed whenever you view them. This is helpful because it allows you to look at the specific items you want without having to add/remove them from the default graph.

Click here to learn more about Portfolio Review

To save your view, click the Save My View button located above the graph.

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