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15 Subscriber Requests – 13 Dividend Growth Stocks


Research Articles

Introduction – Dividend Growth Stocks It has been very difficult for value investors to find attractive dividend growth stocks over the past several years.  However, after the recent correction which brought the market into bear market territory, value investing is getting set to shine once again.  It seems that FAST Graphs YouTube subscribers are getting […]

High-Yielding High-Quality Dividend Growth Stock Benefiting from Rising Interest Rates


Research Articles

Dividend Growth Stocks The Federal Reserve is trying to fight inflation by raising interest rates. This simultaneously generates anxiety – either real or imagined – in the minds of investors. Rising interest rates are generally considered deleterious to stock values. This could be especially true for dividend paying stocks as rising rates coincide with higher […]

20 Stocks Subscribers Asked To Have Analyzed


Research Articles

20 Stocks In this video I cover 20 stocks requested by subscribers.  There are many lessons on investing included covering these many diverse companies.  However, though the bear market has generated opportunities, there are still overvalued stocks on this list.  On the other hand, there is one stock that I am confident in stating represents […]

15 Stocks You Asked To See | FAST Graphs


Research Articles

Introduction I often say that it is a market of stocks and not a stock market. In this video I cover 15 stocks each of which is quite different from the other. Consequently, investors should recognize that there are numerous kinds of stocks that exist. Therefore, thinking in generalities like the stock market is a […]

Financial Stocks Are Cheaper Than Usual | FAST Graphs


Research Articles

5 A Rated Life and Health Insurance Dividend Growth Stocks Since the recession of 2008 in 2009, financial stocks in general have been trading at significantly lower valuations than normal. This creates several opportunities for the value investor. First of all, there is always the potential turbocharging of your performance if the stocks move back […]

3 Dividend Growth Stocks On Sale | FAST Graphs


Research Articles

3 Dividend Growth Stocks on Sale 1 for growth and growth yield 1 for moderate yield with the growth kicker 1 for current high income Dividend growth stocks are a preferred way for many prudent investors to invest. However, dividend growth stocks are not all the same. Some are excellent choices for long-term total return. […]

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