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It’s a Market of Stocks Not a Stock Market – 42 Subscriber Requested Stocks | FAST Graphs


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42 Stocks Welcome to another subscriber request where I will cover 42 stocks. Importantly, these are companies that subscribers asked me to cover. In other words, they are not recommendations. Throughout this list of 42 companies, you will really see a clear picture of why I say it’s a market of stocks and not a […]

Overvaluation Is An Obvious Mistake That Can And Should Be Avoided | FAST Graphs


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Overvaluation I believe one of the most dangerous behaviors is the willingness to invest in highly overvalued stocks. Massive overvaluation is vulnerable to even the hint of bad news. Almost any negative catalyst can cause havoc to the stock price. Years of gain and profit can be wiped out very quickly. Most importantly, investing is, […]

Recessions Bring Opportunity – The Risk Lies In How You React To It | FAST Graphs


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Recessions Bring Opportunity Value investors love recessions because they intelligently recognize that recessions bring opportunity. Many investors see recessions as great risks, but the true risk lies in how you react during the recession not the recession itself. The first rule of investing is to buy low in order to sell high. Recessions bring with […]

Four Dividend Growth Stocks Brought Into Value By The Market Correction | FAST Graphs


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Dividend Growth Stocks Most people hate bear markets, it brings anxiety and angst. True value investors in contrast love bear markets because they bring opportunity. When you invest in a company at fair value you position yourself to fully participate in the growth of the business. When the company pays a dividend, as a shareholder, […]

25 Stocks Subscribers Asked To See | FAST Graphs


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It’s a Market of Stocks – Not a Stock Market It would be an understatement to say that the stock market has been volatile recently. But as I always say, it’s a market of stocks, not a stock market. Much of the damage has resulted from stocks trading at significantly overvalued levels for several years. […]

Forecasting Future Earnings | FAST Graphs


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Forecasting Although you can learn a great deal from studying the past, you can only invest in the future. Furthermore, historical performance is functionally related to the growth a given company (stock) achieves. Consequently, if future growth changes dramatically (as it often does) that stands to reason that future performance will adjust accordingly. Simply stated, […]

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