Demo – FAST Graphs Portfolio Construction Management


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Introduction Portfolio Construction Today I am goin to take a look at FAST Graphs Portfolio construction area of our tool. Both Premium and Basic subscribers have access to this – Premium Subscribers can create as many portfolios as they wish while Basic Subscribers can create up to three. Premium Subscribers also have access to 14 […]

Demo – FUN Graphs: Financial Underlying Numbers


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Introduction In this video Chuck Carnevale, Co-Founder of FAST Graphs will go over FUN Graphs. FUN is an acronym for Financial Underlying Numbers. FUN Graphs are designed to empower premium subscribers the capability to quickly and efficiently engage in a comprehensive and deep dive into each company’s historical fundamental results.  There are 4 separate but comprehensive and powerful […]

Demo – The Forecasting Tool Powered by FAST Graphs


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Introduction The 5 Forecasting Calculators are found under the Forecasting tab. These are used to perform performance calculations using the estimates provided. Each Calculator has 11 different valuation lines with clickable points for each of the four quarters in the fiscal year. The Estimates Forecasting Calculator is the default calculator when going to the Forecasting […]

Demo – Introducing FAST Graphs


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Introduction FAST Graphs, the powerful fundamentals analyzer software tool, is all about calculating fair value, or what we refer to as True Wort.  The graph creates a fair value reference line, as well as a market-driven normal P/E ratio valuation calculation.  The graph is interactive, which allows you to point to the triangles (on the […]

The Proper Utilization and Interpretation of FAST Graphs


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Introduction One of the most common questions we receive regarding FAST Graphs is: why are P/E ratios different on the historical graphs versus the forecasting calculators?  Although this is a fair question, it also illustrates that many of our users are not fully understanding how the tool is designed and/or how it works or should […]

New Layout Video-FAST Graphs Launching New Version January 1, 2019



Team FAST Graphs is Pleased to Announce the Launch Date of Our New and Improved Research Tool We are pleased to announce that we will be launching our new and improved FAST Graphs research tool on January 1, 2019.  Importantly, the core FAST Graphs will continue to function just as they always have.  However, with […]

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