4 Reasons I Do Not Fear A Market Crash


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Introduction A market crash is pending and could possibly be imminent. I am quite certain about this for reasons I will provide shortly. However, what I am not certain about is just how imminently (SOON) it might happen. This bull market could last another year or more, or it could abruptly end any day now. […]

4 Retail REITs – Are They Worth The Risk?


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Introduction This retail REITs sector, or more precisely subsector that got hit especially hard by the Covid-19 pandemic was retail REITs.  They essentially had to close for a period of time, which obviously had a large impact on their sales and cash flows.  However, most of them are open again, and the death of brick-and-mortar […]

2 Overvalued Tech Stocks Falling Faster Than You Think


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Introduction The NASDAQ is falling as tech stocks begin to show cracks in their armor.  Of course, according to Mr. Valuation the reason is simple – most tech stocks are overvalued.  Consequently, it is only a matter of time, even inevitable, that value will shine.  Frankly, this is as it should be.  As the venerable […]

This is the Best Metric To Use To Value Stocks


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The Best Valuation Metric When investing in stocks you make your money on the buy side.  Consequently, it is vital that you know the best way to determine whether a stock is fairly valued (or not).  With this video I will be revealing the best metric investors can use to know whether a stock they […]

Electrify Your Portfolio With These 5 EV Stocks


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Introduction Regarding automobile stocks, virtually every automotive manufacturer is entering the electric vehicle and autonomous driving market in some form or another. Consequently, EV companies like Tesla and Nio will face challenges and competition in the future. Nevertheless, the real question is, can these disruptive technologies turn a mostly unprofitable industry (automobile manufacturers) into profitable […]

10 Dividend Stocks For Value And Growth: Not Value Versus Growth


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Value and Growth I believe that all investing is value investing. When valuation is not part of the process then I would argue that what is being engaged in is speculation. It is not that speculation is wrong, however, it is not investing in the purist sense. One of my pet peeves is the ongoing […]

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