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FAST Graphs™ is a stock research tool that empowers you to conduct fundamental stock research cheaper and faster. Instantly determine whether a stock is undervalued, overvalued, or fairly valued.

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Historical Graphs

Instantly see historical company performance on multiple time frames correlated with stock price relative to changing growth rates to identify intrinsic value. Use this view to learn if a stock is overvalued or undervalued. If the stock price is higher than the orange line, our fair value reference line, the stock is overvalued.

Forecasting & Analyst Scorecards

Calculate potential future returns based on a company's estimates of future growth with 5 different forecasting calculators. The Analyst Scorecard measures how accurate analysts have been within reasonable margins for error regarding their forecasts made 1 year or 2 years prior to actual earnings reported for the company over the last 10 historical years.​

Portfolio Review

Utilize portfolios to easily and effectively manage your personal stock portfolios. Customize & organize based on more than 30 historical inputs, and on more than 40 future inputs.

FAST Graphs

01. FAST Graphs

Invest Smart

FAST Graphs™, the "Fundamentals Analyzer Software Tool", provides an instant perspective on the business behind the stock by allowing you to quickly analyze up to 20 years of essential fundamental data on more than 18,000 US and Canadian symbols.

FAST Graphs are a dynamic tool that empowers you to evaluate multiple historical time frames quickly and easily. See the essential company fundamental information you need to know in order to make smart investment decisions.

FUN Graphs

02. FUN Graphs

Learn the Fundamentals

FUN Graphs, the Financial Underlying Numbers, is designed to empower you to quickly and efficiently engage in a comprehensive and deep dive into each company’s historical financial results.

There are 4 separate, but comprehensive, financial statement and valuation ratio graphing options available. Each of these graphing options provides historical data going back approximately 20 years (if available) and include a quarterly data option for the past 8 quarters.


03. Portfolios

Get Organized

Find research candidates from the entire FAST Graphs universe of over 18,000 stocks. When you find the type of companies you may want to invest in, you can easily import them into custom portfolios.


04. Screening

Research Faster

Create custom reviews of each portfolio so you can look at the metrics you find most important. Each metric column can be sorted by ascending or descending order, and reorganized in any order. You can also plot buys and sells in your portfolios that plot onto your FAST Graphs to track your transactions.

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