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16If I don’t know the ticker symbol of a particular company, how do I find it? (last updated 05/14/2014)No Category
17Please explain the difference between of the Annualized ROR and the Total Annualized ROR. Also, the value of the RORs change depending on the period of analysis that the user indicates, so the selection of the base year is very important. (10/15/2013)Multiple
18What are the definitions of Cash Flows used in the Premium Subscription? (updated 07/25/2012)No Category
19What are your Hours of Operation? (07/09/2012)Multiple
20What does it mean when you say a blended P/E ratio?No Category
21What does the honeydew colored (white) line on a FAST Graph depict? (01/23/2015)No Category
22What is the "Graham Dodd Intrinsic Value Formula?”No Category
23What is the "Normal P/E ratio" that is shown in blue on the graph? How is it different than the P/E ratio? (08/22/2014)Multiple
24What is the symbol for the S&P Index?No Category
25What products do you offer and what are their prices? (07/18/2012)Multiple
26What Valuation Metric Is Best To Use When Analyzing MLPs and REITs? (01/28/2015)No Category
27What's the optimal look back time when evaluating equities? In some cases I get drastically different results by looking back 10 years as opposed to 5, etc. (07/09/2012)Multiple