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1Can Subscribers use FAST Graphs in their blog and articles?No Category
2Does FAST Graphs™ cover ETFs or other fund types? (08/06/2014)No Category
3How do I cancel my subscription? (last updated 05/13/2014)My Account
4How Do I Change my Basic Monthly or Premium Monthly Subscription To the $480.00 Annual Discounted Premium Subscription? (last updated 05/13/2014)My Account
5How Do I Change My Password? (05/13/2014)Multiple
6How Do I Change my Premium Annual Subscription to a Basic Monthly or Premium Monthly Subscription? (last updated 05/13/2014)My Account
7How do I change my subscription from Basic Monthly to Premium Monthly? (07/09/2012)My Account
8How do I change my subscription from Premium Monthly $48 to Basic Monthly $9.95? (07/24/2012)My Account
9How do I delete a portfolio?No Category
10How do I update my credit card information?No Category
11How do you interpret the differences in valuation between different time frames on the graphs? (last update 05/12/2014)Multiple
12How do you temporarily freeze/disable the pop-ups on the FAST FACTS?No Category
13How does FAST Graphs™ handle stock splits?No Category
14How often are FAST Graphs™ updated?No Category
15I have a problem with my subscription, who should I contact? (07/09/2012)Multiple